Tuesday, July 9, 2013

proportions and anathomy /chapter 1

-You and i also began with a big bang because all substance in the universe is an organic unity.Once in a primeval age all matter was gathered in a clump so enormously massive that a pin head weighed many billions of tons .The "primeval atom" exploded because of the enormous disintegrated.When we look up the sky we are trying to find the way back to ourselves .All the stars and galaxies in the universe are made of same substance .Parts of it have lumped themselves together some here ,some there.There can be billions of light years between one galaxy and next.But they all have the same origin.All stars and all planets belong to the same family ...we too are stardust. --Jostein Gaarder

“Life is both sad and solemn. We are led into a wonderful world, we meet one another here, greet each other---and wander together for a brief moment. Then we lose each other and disappear as suddenly and unreasonably as we arrived.” 
― Jostein GaarderSophie's World

Monday, July 8, 2013

Changing useless into something to Use More

Since i did  "selection" all those clothes that i don't wear anymore  and i rid of it in one big crowd stuff for trash ,it just came to my mind ,i could make over some old pants into shorts and all those thorn clothes into clutch . You had opportunity to see that galaxy bag i pretty d.i.y. by myself also i did this aztec printed clutch !

Maybe a bit messy but i don't mind....
Well i also find that i had texas shorts and i decided to make it starlicious!I saw some d.i.y. that you can make alternately repeating of motive on it.You use some paper or plastic that can easily cut ,and make on it with pencil object you want to repeat (it uses as module for easier painting ,not to spend a years drawing free handed every motive and they maybe wont be same size and etc.) and you cut that shape and you are ready to paint it!

In progress;

and finished: 



Sunday, July 7, 2013

proportions/Back to Black

Inspired with Lana Del Rey and the impression she gives me with her work and her photoshots with flower crown combined with simplicity to achieve classy and simple visual expression in this sunny days filled with clarity or pureness of nature and getting back in it created this.Also reminds on to the polite and really playful days and joyful as those Reinassance angels have in this type of paintings.Days of when nothing was hurting and everything we didn't knew or never imagined it didn't existed.
So why is it called "back to black" ? see that expression on face?we all once try to go back to that state "before knowing" all of those devastating things that are slowly waste us and somehow destroy and build and change and even a bit reshape ,and sometimes we look and think what was i back then, and sometimes even get us to place where we don't even do some things that made us that us .Or is that really me ,or I ,or you? And in future we try to go back in times that lasted so long and days were like years,but we can't.we can't get that bliss back,and so that plain look and feeling to it and that line.You just can't simply go back ,go to erase,and all those fights and all those overthinkings,And we realize that ignorance is really a bliss.