Friday, May 10, 2013

beauty post -ombre aztec nails

i do sometimes think what  i will dress next day or how will i color my nails.we all plan. but well sometimes some simple solution or innovative solution pops up at an unexpected moment so we all see how creative we are... at some points...
soo i like a lot ombre nails and aztec , even if i do like colorful things , jewelry ,like rainbow colors in one place , or even those imitation of space  t-shirts. and it just poped on my mind ,i like  a lot to google  it 1st to se somebody did it earlier or even is there idea close same as mine.. and i saw some posts but not the way i imagine it! and i did it, aztec + ombre nails in this post! here you go!

well. these days i was  wearing a simple plain nail polish skin color tone, cause i dont like my nails to be so different from clothes i wear i always want to look like from head to toe am from one story....and like you  know i am doing this 1st time ,this aztec + obre thing :)  and i just added a ombre on this messy nails cause it was just a test and i like it that way so i kept it and kept doing next thing....
 (this is that "foundation "polish, you dont have to use it but  i just started with it ....)

well then i did ombre with those (if you dont know how to do ombre well google it or just you tube it that is everywhere for sure easy to find out...):

 the messy result:
after this let them dry..... 
and then we will need these two...
 black for drawing lines for aztec motives and transparent one to be the final/top coat..
well for a black one you can use pin or if you have really think brush to draw .i used  some like an old patent pencil and i used it with black nail polish to draw lines.. the top coat and it is done!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

atomic 005-flowerly

everything has it beauty but not everyone sees it -part 2-

macro,macro ,macro,o how i can know to use it. well that is not point.somewhere i read that photography isn't just showing images and plain taking them... and photography is presenting whole molecules in space in that one place in that one moment .so i just was inspired with it. a lot... so i called this series of photos atomic,as you see.. in one post we can see clouds and their "moving" stage drops of water on flowers and their structures in one place.i thought about how would be to degrade all off that and the photo would be from really tiny dots.. well for now i can only think how that would look on paper as a drawing,as in pointillism so well....take a look