author / writer :
marijankovic / born 1991.as Marija Janković.currently studying landscape architecture.
sophiemayra / in 2010 lil miss nobody has born and started procrastinating ,inspired and with a motivation to become medium.

blog / about : posts deepend from inspiration, areas from life:do it yourself , nature, photography , beauty,different studies ...

note / rules : All pictures posted here are all mine.Unless i have determinate it differently ( as signed  "pictures for inspiration" or linked their sources ) .
Do not take them without permission or post them anywhere else without crediting me or asking.
All products and material used in posts is bought with my own money (or i had them and redecorated it) ,Unless i state otherwise.
Any products can be sent for review (clothing , cosmetics ,art supply / for free use ,etc ...) , but even that would not affect on review of it.i am open for it.
Inspiration find in everything.

If you want to contact me ,send private message on my facebook page or on my facebook profile.

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drawings: http://danceandcolourlover.tumblr.com/
project #1: http://saintsalvationforthisgeneration.tumblr.com/

drawings: http://sophiemayra.deviantart.com/

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