Friday, January 31, 2014

january memoir / environment proportions

beauty post / pastel month / 2 manicures

nail polishes used:

nails no1; slight transition with ombre ...

nails no2 : french manicure with twist, contrast:

*drawn with washable marker those "trendy#* tattoos ....

So,which combination do you prefer more?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

d.i.y. colorful cupcakes

I decided this for  this new year to dedicated to a making and decorating give my best,i have not such amazing cooking skills but ,if you have simple recipe i think everything is fine,and with a skills from painting i decided to use for decorating cupcakes ,cause the process was the same .this is what they looked like before they were eaten.A 48 cute cupcakes by me were created.a simple recipe for a cupcakes you can find online,and for decoration i used white cream and colors  for cream, bought in local market and this colorful crumbs sprinkled on the top.The process of "painting" is how i colored them ,and mixed color, it was like i was painting 3d in 3d ,really weird .Pastel and ombre inspired ,every each of them has to be special and perfect,and it took like 3 - 4 hrs for me to "decorate " them.and i think that is main reason why i shouldn't be in kitchen ,i have to be sure that every is special and different in their own way,but they are just a cupcakes,but to me they have sort of soul.It wasn't hard to eat them cause like on outside  on the inside they were special too ,chocolate filled,made with love tho.