Sunday, November 24, 2013

beauty post / seapunk with neon (Seapunk i neon)

Kako sam našla inspiraciju...
Lately i have seen  this style and i like it.With awesome and dominant colors it inspired me to make a change.I love different things and i think that everyone should try everything ,mostly for understanding or simply just to grow.I also think that we should not label ourselves and settle for just one style and keep it forever. So i decided to take a break from a simple and things like those pastel nail polishes . So this time i tried seapunk inspired nails to present.
Love those colors and shiny and sparkly,so i combine it together with some neon
to be an accent.Those pictures made me think this way,to mix it ...

Lakovi koji su koršćeni:
i really wanted to keep that shell shine and accent it with not ordinary color so i made it with

i used 1st to mix these 3 colors for base:
Akcentovano je sa neon lakom:
then i used for accent
and final shell  shine ,those pinky and creamy shades, to keep with:

I ovo je rezultat:
and this is final result :

Friday, November 22, 2013

d.i.y. / Illuminated statement necklace

A lot of people when you think about using old or broken cd's use them as coasters.Once i remember wanted to make cd curtain and i started collecting old / broken cd's. so I after some time acquired a lot of them,so i got a lot of old cd's that didn't worked making that curtain cause i thought i will get more and more ...well i kept them anyway , also i never started to make curtain ,after all.A few months ago i saw accidentally on some blog how you can use old cd to make some details on your clothes,and i liked that detail.I thought a bit and came up to make some sort of statement necklace. 
Well,when you are doing this you have to be very careful.You can find instructions if you google it to do it or you can simply read mine. It is really important to put a cd into boiling water,or simply into really really hot water and leave it for like 5 minutes or more. Well after that you have to be careful cause water is still hot and cd is too.Use some gloves ,1st ones to be plastic and 2nd like ones that you use to take from oven  when you bake something,they will get wet - right,but it will prevent from really hot heat to  get  really fast to hand while you using scissors to cut cd.It is messy maybe when you cut of parts that they on one side get frayed ... Maybe i am doing something wrong or it needs more heat i don't know... Well i find a  way to mask it with that gray line.And to prevent cd from more frayed parts use transparent nail polish and paint it and let it dry....After you can  stick to make mosaic or make this 1 piece ,like i did to simplify, secure it on other side with rubber or anything to make it the length you want to be necklace.

Here are my results...