Saturday, July 5, 2014

proportions / new in july 14

La Sorella shopping centar Novi Sad/ dress #1 /// 1590 rsd
 dm / hand creme /// 85 rsd
                         / black kajal eye pencil /// 129 rsd
 La Sorella shopping centar Novi Sad /simple hat /// 480 rsd 

dress #2 / (polka dot dress) H&M /// from local second-hand store

La Sorella shopping centar  Novi Sad /floral Tokyo cap /// 400 rsd

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

outfit post / play with your mind

* love those satirical shirts that imply those popular brand names cause they have so much more worth than original pieces. why would those names have such a worth? all those labels that all that money will help you get some style and some iconic touch ,all that is not certainly what is all about. and by THIS i do not say i am some fashion expert or icon or such a amazing style shower . I think what you wear is how you feel , and not to become a one big cliche  , just to say : money and wearing some label won't make you have more worth , you just use your senses and work on yourself work for yourself and change , design and one day you will be totally labeled GREAT and good in your own skin and nothing else will matter. / value*infinite /